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Toyota '2020

Technical data:
  • YOR:
  • 2020
  • Engine Size:
  • 1.8L
  • Gearbox:
  • Automatic
  • Fuel:
  • Hybrid
  • Body Style:
  • Sedan
  • Doors:
  • 4
  • Int Color:
  • Black
  • Ext Color:
  • White
  • Condition:
  • new
Public Info:
  • Published:
  • Oct 22, 2019
  • Updated:
  • Oct 20, 2021
  • Views:
  • 3498

Additional Info

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Beginning with the fairy tale TNGA -Toyota New Global Architecture, a new chassis spread in the Toyota C-HR and Toyota New Camry until it reaches the New Corolla Altis, the latest platform that Toyota’s people are trying to fill the media with. The drive in the modern Toyota, which really is. When I tested the C-HR and New Camry, a big change in the body structure and the rear suspension caused Toyota cars today to have improved driving in an instant. From following other brands of stability and stability in the high-speed area today, TNGA makes the cars of the three brands more grip and enjoyment than the old Toyota that has not changed the platform.

What is TNGA?
Body rigidity – Increase the stability of the car from a strong steel structure. Spot welding increases the body’s torque while cornering. Increase stability and road grip

– Low center of gravity, lower center of gravity

– Double Wishbone Suspension, independent rear suspension, double wishbone To increase driving comfort

– Good Handling. The electric steering wheel has adjustable gear ratio and new ECU. Accurate response.

– STABILITY – strong body structure Resulting in precision control from the steering wheel, good road grip, and smooth curves.

– AGILITY – The agility of the car is designed to have a low center of gravity.

– VISIBILITY – from the design that the driver is the center of the car Increase visibility Reduce blind spots in the passenger room. Widen the driver’s front window, narrowing the A Pillar on both sides

– COMFORT – New structure Independent suspension Reduce shocks from the road surface

New Altis GR Sport is a test vehicle sent by Toyota Motor Thailand to test drive and report as a fact. Frankly confessed that when he saw the real life of the New Corolla Altis GR Sport, it was surprised why it was smaller, whether the New Corolla Sport that was shown on the Toyota Mega Web Tokyo and the Chinese version of the New Corolla Altis at Sold in Thailand, it is a sedan that has a smaller body size than the previous model. The decrease in body ratio makes it a bit larger than the Toyota Yaris Ativ, but when sitting in the cabin You will find that the interior space of the New Altis does not shrink as the body size and still has the same utility space as the current Altis.

The look of the New Corolla Altis GR Sport is similar to the introduction of the New Camry to make it smaller. The front grille is rich in plastic, both black and silver. The projector LED headlights come with a turn signal lamp and LED Daytime Running lights linked to the outer edge of the plastic chrome eyebrow of the front grille. The air inlet in the center of the grille uses glossy black plastic, piano-black. The bonnet, especially at the point connected to the cheek, draws clear lines to show the design’s harmonious ability. The large front bumper covers most of the front. The edge of the fog light frame of the GR Sport model is made of glossy black plastic with piano black. The front pillar or the A pillar is designed to allow the windshield to have more tilt angles To reduce the impact of air currents And improve the New Altis air friction coefficient

Side of the tank, although the proportion is shorter, but the design is perfect. The slope of the front pillars is linked to the roof and then gradually Lowered to the stern The clean side lines of the body start from the cheeks, dragging through both doors to the edge of the taillights, according to the new automotive design style that almost every brand uses the side lines of the body like this. The silver door handle severely contrasts with the red body. The top edge of the glass is glazed with a shiny chrome finish. The lower part of the door is fitted with a black GR Sport side cladding in contrast to the body color. This test car uses Red Mica Metallic red as a harsh color with fine Metallic scales mixed in the color, causing the time to affect Sunlight shines red and bright eyes, Toyota New Corolla Altis GR Sport, with 17-inch alloy wheels, 6-spoke design, silver and black alternating stripes. But you can be certain that people who buy GR Sport models will have to take down wheels that are larger than the original for sure. New patterned alloy wheels wrapped in sport tires from the popular Dunlop brand, SP Sport MAXX, size 225 / 45R17 91W. All four wheels of the Toyota Corolla Altis GR Sport’s dimensions are 4,630 mm long, 1,780 mm wide and 1,435 mm long. Wheelbase 2,700 mm. Front and rear wheel spacing 1,530 mm. / 1,534 mm. Height from floor to floor 135 mm. Fuel tank capacity 50 liters. Radius of the turning radius is 5.4 meters.

The new buttocks use taillights that are designed to be linked together with plastic chrome. LED taillights are brighter than before. The rear cover has a piece of black spoiler installed for beauty and helps press the rear in the high speed area. The third brake light. LED bulb moved to be installed in the rear window. The shark fin antenna does not have a New Altis because the antenna is embedded in the back glass combined with a ventilation panel. The rear bumper has black plastic pieces attached to the bottom. The bottom corner of the rear bumper, the red reflective plastic strip The lower edge of the rear bumper also has a small air rolled design. For the ferocious beauty of the GR Sport, while the rear vent is bent down And hide in the right corner under the rear bumper Almost invisible

The new cabin is similar to the new Hatchback version of the Corolla sold in Japan, New Zealand, Australia and the United States. Although the body size is not large But the interior is considered to have sufficient living space Go in and not create an uncomfortable feeling. New console dashboard with a simple look Dashboard molded with plastic, covered with synthetic leather With a gauge line The frame of the air intake extends long in the center of the dashboard to the left air vent. Middle grade plasticizer That is familiar to all around The well-designed point is the temperature control panel and the new monitor that is set up.

All synthetic leather upholstery Electrically adjustable driver’s seat The front seat cushion still uses manual adjustment. Which should have given the front electric seats The black seats have red inserts on the wings of the seats. The headrest does not create a problem of pushing the pate into a normal sitting position due to good design. Three-seat folding seats (60:40) with armrests and cup holders If sitting two people will be more comfortable when traveling long distances. The overhead and footrest areas are enough to relax the backseat. The New Corolla Altis also has air vents for the rear passengers. Which is very suitable for use in tropical countries like Thailand Do not need to accelerate the air conditioner together Which makes the people in the front seats feel cold and the face is white But the backseat is still hot, wobbly version, like the old car model Which still doesn’t have an air conditioner in the back

The center of the new dashboard is equipped with an 8-inch touch screen monitor. It is a new type of screen that is fairly clear. The Altis GR Sport monitor does not have satellite navigation. But there is a rear view camera that works with sound signals from the back sensor that monitors the backward approaching to an obstacle The monitor combines car settings and Bluetooth phone connectivity, external music playback via USB with Apple CarPlay, and 6-position speakers. When playing music, Toyota’s new audio is found. Corolla Altis GR Sport is clear, ever used. The 8-inch screen also serves as a monitor to keep informed of the waste. Calculating distance and duration of use from starting the engine to turning off the engine.

Three-spoke genuine leather steering wheel There is an audio system setting switch. Switch to view information on the MID multi information display screen on the right side of the meter dial. Voice control switch Button to answer or hang up the phone The right stick, bald, bald, balding, no automatic speed control or Cruise Control for the device. There are many Altis fans who want it. But really And rarely use it

The gauges look like the Toyota 86, using two circular gauges stacked together to look easy on the eyes. Especially the speedometer is big, easy to see Temples are a little smaller, placed on the far left For the screen on the right is a MID multi information display, showing speed warning results with digital numbers. Calculate the distance from the remaining fuel in the tank. Outside temperature, time of the trip meter, operation in ECO mode, including setting of various safety systems Via a small button On the left side of the steering wheel

Toyota New Corolla Altis GR Sport. 4-cylinder in-line petrol engine, code 2ZR-FE. Capacity 1.8 liters, 1,798 cc. Cylinder head, double overhead, sharp 4-valve per cylinder, variable valve system on both sides (Intake and exhaust) Dual VVT-i does not have an air compressor intact. Cylinder width 80.5 mm Stroke 88.3 mm Compression ratio 10.0: 1 Maximum power 140 Horsepower at 6,400 rpm Maximum torque 173 Nm at 4,000 rpm Transmission system uses Super CVT-i automatic transmission with G AI Shift Control Sequential Shift Mode +/- Variable 7 Speed, Transverse Engine, Front Wheel Drive

The support system of the Toyota New Corolla Altis GR Sport. Because of the latest TNGA platform, the rear suspension has been changed to a double wishbone, independent, double wishbone wing that is stronger than before. The front suspension is a MacPherson strut spring, shock absorber and stabilizer bar. The brake system uses disc brakes on all four wheels, disc brake diameter of 15 inches, both the front and rear discs. The brake caliper is a single piston single. Made of aluminum Look at the size of the disc brake, too small Makes me want to have a bigger dish Steering system fitted with electric power steering wheel (EPS)

Car tuning has been a Toyota production philosophy since the founding of Kiichiro Toyoda. The harsh conditions of motorsports reveal the full potential of the vehicle. The potential of a car that people have never experienced in everyday driving, Toyota’s people say that motorsport allows the three concerned brands to develop and test the highest limit of the vehicle before production is released, allowing Toyota to create Cars that are efficient in durability. Since 1957, Toyota has participated in world-class motor sports such as the FIA ​​World Rally Championship (WRC) and World Endurance Championship (WEC). Toyota competes in creating the TRD brand, which became Toyota’s car accessories that are widespread throughout the world.

Since BMW has M-Power, Mercedes-Benz, AMG and Audi, the Audi Sport division is not worried about the premium brand of Germany. Long ago Toyota had a TRD or Toyota Racing Development to produce accessories. Exterior and interior put Toyota cars on sale to make them a different choice for those who like to decorate their cars in the past. You can see the TRD brand in the smooth race tracks and the world-class dust rally. According to current Toyota Motorsport’s motorsport preferences, the GR Sport brand was born in place of the TRD brand that has been in use for over 30 years. The term GR stands for Gazoo Racing, a Toyota racing team sponsored by Toyoda president. Competing cars in major shows around the world. Currently, the accessories in the Toyota GR Sport are different from the standard Toyota, adding a fierce beauty and performance to the original car. For usability and driving performance, like the GR Sport in the New Corolla Altis, although the engine is not modified further. But the perfect aerodynamics in the GR model helped make the New Altis 1.8 look better under the brand new GR symbol that became the accessory for the special edition Toyota today, replacing the TRD that made memories and became Toyota’s history. Finally

Although the body is small, but the interior is not small, as I went to sit and press the right engine start button under the dashboard. Sitting position in the Altis GR Sport well positioned. Electrically adjustable driver’s seat Four-way adjustable steering wheel The seat cushion is still adjusted by hand and makes the wife who bought the money feel uncomfortable. Soft and comfortable seat, back plan The head restraint didn’t push the head. But lower the seat It still gives the feeling that it is still high. With a preference for low, low cushions that become habitual If any seat has been adjusted to the maximum and still feels high, it will adjust the driving posture to get used to because it has to be dragged for a long time to see red. In the city, driving back and forth from the car park is easy and convenient due to the compact body size. The electric steering wheel came in to help make everything easier. The agility in that city is pleasing to many car users like our taxi drivers. One day, if the body is diligent, they lure each other up to 400-500 kilometers. If driving is not active, agile as you wish. There is hope that the owner in the taxi garage has complained!

Circling around in the city for a few days, the rain poured down every day, barely having a chance to drive far Until the last day before sending the car back, I had the opportunity to drive to Pranburi and flow out to Sam Roi Yot National Park on the highway. The 1.8-liter engine delivers torque down to the Super CVT-i 7 speed gear. Which has a manual gear position or Sequential Shift to use. The GR Sport version also has a Paddle Shift gear shift position and it works great when wanting to change the gear yourself. Even though it was a CVT gearbox, Toyota engineers made variable adjustments to this gear with 7 speed for use on steep mountain trails. The 140 horsepower engine has acceleration that is not as fast as expected. But the first torque of 177 Newton meters, 0-100 kilometers per hour at 10.3 seconds, the acceleration of the Altis GR Sport may be easily hit by the Civic RS, but if compressed into a fast curve As a matter of fact, the GR has a slightly more secure traction than the Civic RS. The new TNGA chassis uses a double Wishbone suspension. Makes the balance of the Altis GR Sport similar to the C-HR 1.8. Loads low, how?

At 3,000 rpm in the speed range of 140 kilometers per hour Consumption rate is 11.2 kilometers per liter. Drive in the city, traffic jam Dropped to 9.8 kilometers per liter Not economical, but acceptable. Did not eat anything fiercely. To beat the New Altis GR Sport on a long straight way, sunken throttle. What you can recognize is that If the road is smooth enough It will run straight and still as a thun Electric steering wheels that used to be lighter in the low-speed area are still more sensitive to the hand. No need to move and adjust directions in many directions While not as good as the steering wheel of the New Camry, it is made out and feels confident in speed.

The New Altis GR Sport is not designed to be as extreme as the sports car like the GR Supra. It doesn’t have a rigid suspension to handle the full power cornering. The sound was not loud or rocket driven when it reached the throttle to the end. People asked Toyota to design this new Corolla that can drive great distances and comfortably at a price that is not too expensive for a 1,800 cc. Have to run in and out of the service center often And has enough torque to allow you to enjoy some time when encountering an open road Its look is ok Some people say that the model GR has a lot of faces. But the survey results show that most Asian customers, including Thais, like this look Not too prominent But not so fresh it doesn’t look like a true Corolla like its predecessor. Over the past 50 years, the body feels lighter but more compact and has more road grip. Like adding flavorful flavoring to make it taste better

Try to leave the frame continuously high. The sound of the device is not very loud. The lower the drain pipe is pressed down like that, it’s more quiet. The soundproofing is on the benchmarks of Japanese cars. The dunlop SP sport maxx tire size 225/45 R17 is not quite quiet. As for the sound of the wind that penetrates into the strip The edge of the glass will start to be louder in District 110 and when it runs faster, the sound of the tire will come in very much, minus the sound of the wind almost hard to hear. Suggest to turn on the audio system and play the music you like. New Altis GR Sport has 6 speakers that give enough sound. Clear and dimensional as it should be If adding a subwoofer, push the bass harder than ever, ensuring that there is fun

This GR Sport has a MacPherson strut spring suspension, shock absorber and stabilizer bar. Rear double wishbone Double Wishbone with stabilizer bar Allowing it to run on straight paths, including tight curves, better (more) mountain roads and curvy roads, with almost no chance of using high rpm When encountered with a U-turn I push the gear to the right into the manual position and lower the gear down to the second gear. It has a stable cornering and doesn’t have much stabilization. Gear works smoothly and can be used to order, using the gear shift in the +/- position or shift the gear through the Paddle Shift is fun. The gear works as fast as a CVT, but most drivers still want different types of gears than automatic pulleys. The shorter, more compact overhead will make it more agile in a narrow corner curve. Harmonious with the torque The function of the suspension The steering wheel and the change of the ratio by the driver himself

When washed to the limit of the car Stubborn curves start to appear to touch the traits of the front wheel drive car. Just slow down and catch the curve of the corner with the correct line. From good car positioning, this GR Sport will be more fun to drive. But at the end of the curve when the gas pedal is full, pumping out the power is a little bit and would like Toyota to make a 1.5 turbo engine to fight. The chassis and suspension of the New Altis GR Sport can comfortably accommodate 200 horses, but 140 horses are too small. If you want to challenge the Civic RS, the GR is better than just the suspension and the price.

I like the TNGA that changes the driving style and the feel behind the steering wheel of the modern Toyota, so driving is not boring anymore. Although it doesn’t have a lot of power, it is a good car for driving in your daily life, most of which are stuck. Running around in the city Will have a long distance only sometimes The durability of Toyota engines has become well-known in the automotive industry. Almost every Toyota Corolla taxi has miles or more. If not really resistant, it would not be popular with the owner of the garage for GR Sport, despite the difference in equipment. Engine and interior work from the limo, but the durability will also meet Toyota standards. Another highlight is the service center. Is the confidence of people who use the car of the three worried for a long time The part that does not like is not that there will be no such as the front seats should be able to adjust the electricity The plastic inside still looks too ordinary. Other than that, Toyota is considering making this new Corolla model well enough. I forgot to say that the lid was opened. You will find plenty of storage space to easily carry a large luggage.

The GR Sport is not a Corolla. In the past, the latest models were more land vehicles. But there should be a stronger model to be used with the Civic. The lower suspension is stronger and more comfortable for long distances. Brakes are too small. Drive quickly and want to get brakes that are bigger. Sport mode gives you the opportunity to ride but not much. If running on a motorway or a highway with four simple traffic lanes It will make you feel like But driving on a narrow rural highway The small size makes it go smoothly. The New Corolla is even more perfect, with the TNGA taking the chassis to the next level. Is a development that is superior to its predecessor And is necessary for driving today Is a car you can buy with confidence, without having to think too much. And will definitely not be disappointed in its durability

  • Number of seats  5
  • Parking sensors  front and rear
  • Interior design  part leather
  • Climate control  automatic air conditioning
  • Tuner/radio
  • Rain sensor
  • Head-up display
  • Electric windows
  • Electric side mirror
  • Electric seat adjustment
  • Central locking
  • CD player
  • Airbags  front and side airbags

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