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Mitsubishi '2023

Technical data:
  • YOR:
  • 2023
  • Engine Size:
  • 2.4L
  • Gearbox:
  • Automatic
  • Fuel:
  • Diesel
  • Body Style:
  • Pickup truck
  • Doors:
  • 4
  • Int Color:
  • Black
  • Ext Color:
  • White
  • Condition:
  • new
Public Info:
  • Published:
  • Nov 09, 2018
  • Updated:
  • Aug 26, 2023
  • Views:
  • 3404

Additional Info

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Mitsubishi New Triton 2023 is more handsome than before. More is a big one!

Mitsubishi Motor Corporation has launched the all New Mitsubishi Triton or L200 (L200), a fully redesigned one-ton pick-up truck. First time in 9 years at the World Premiere at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Thailand, ready to announce prices and start selling in Thailand as the first place in the world Before preparing to launch in the ASEAN region and Oceania It is scheduled to be released in Japan for the first time in 12 years in early 2024.

Models and prices haven’t arrived yet. Mitsubishi New Triton 2023 is more handsome than before. More is a big one!

Mitsubishi Motors debuted the pickup truck in 1978. Over the past 45 years, Mitsubishi Motors has produced more than 5.6 million pickup trucks across five generations and sold in 150 countries around the world. The Mitsubishi Triton pickup truck is a strategically important vehicle. It is the 6th generation pickup truck that has been completely redesigned. It’s a change in the face in 9 years. The design is rugged and strong both outside and inside. Completely new development of the frame or chassis, chassis, suspension and engine.

Outstanding features in “All-New Triton”

New design tank! Bigger with a newly developed frame or chassis focus on strength and durability New engine! balanced torque

New suspension, adjusted for increased smoothness, road grip, stability, balance and handling of the car improved. 4-wheel drive system and improved driving control system Used to drive on all types of road conditions.

front view strong design The interior is spacious and completely renovated.

For the Thai market, All-New Triton will be available from July 26, 2023 onwards at Mitsubishi Motors showrooms nationwide at a price that can be touched at a great value as follows:

Mitsubishi Triton double cab 4 doors, two-wheel drive, high lift

Triton 2.4 Turbo Pro MT 820,000 baht
Triton 2.4 Turbo Prime MT 893,000 baht
Triton 2.4 Turbo Prime AT 938,000 baht
Triton 2.4 Turbo Ultra MT 982,000 baht
Triton 2.4 Turbo Ultra AT 1,027,000 baht

Mitsubishi Triton double cab 4 doors, four-wheel drive, high lift

Mitsubishi Triton 2.4 Turbo Prime MT 4WD 1,016,000 baht

All New Triton has a variety of body styles to choose from. Supports the different needs of all 7 vehicle segments in Thailand: Double cab body with 2 rows of seats, SUV style and the versatility of a pickup truck. Single cab body (single episode) with front seats And the mega cab body (half) has a rear luggage storage area. Front seat reclining The hull is larger. It is powered by a 2.4 liter turbo clean diesel engine. and other parts Completely reworked from Mitsubishi technology, special features such as driving modes, Active Yaw Control (AYC), 4-wheel drive system, Super Select 4WD-II with safety systems.

(1) Mega Frame and engine Hyper Power (Hyper Power Engine)

new step car structure The crossbar is 65 percent stronger than the previous model. Increase resistance to bending (Bending Rigidity) Enhance the torsional rigidity (Torsional Rigidity) with increased weight from the use of high tensile steel (High-tensile Steel) in a higher ratio. support heavy loads Help to receive and distribute force in the event of a collision.

Clean diesel engine, Hyper Power (Hyper Power Engine), maximum power 135 kW or 184 horsepower, maximum torque 430 Nm (same as before), VG Turbo variable turbo air compressor system controls air pressure in relation to engine rpm. 6-speed automatic transmission, Sport drive mode, 6-speed manual transmission (switch electric transmission), the engine is adjusted to reduce vibration from work.

New suspension, 4-wheel drive system,
front suspension, double wishbone, double wishbone Elliptic leaf spring at the back,
front disc brakes with cooling fins, while the rear still uses drum brakes. steering system Use a rack and pinion steering. with powerful installment power (Not electric steering) All New Triton 2023 comes with Mitsubishi Motor’s unique 4-wheel drive system, including Super Select 4WD-II for double cab models and Easy Select 4WD for single cab models. Limited slip differential (LSD) dissipates torque. with a ratio of 40% on the front wheels and 60% on the rear wheels.

The Super Select 4WD-II system offers four drivetrains:
2H (rear-wheel drive),
4H (all-wheel drive),
4HLc (central differential lock),
4LLc (low-speed central differential lock).

7 driving modes: on-road and off-road, Normal (general) and Eco (economy), Gravel (paved roads), Snow (slippery roads, snow-covered ground) Or during heavy rain) Mud (mud) Sand (sand ground) Rock (rugged rock ground)

The Easy Select 4WD system uses 2H (rear wheel drive), 4H (central differential lock), and 4L (for driving at low speeds), focusing on a variety of routes.

Active Yaw Control (AYC) is installed along with Super Select 4WD-II to control driving and braking pressure on the wheels inside and outside the corner to balance. 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive models have free traction control. Active Limited Slip (Brake Control Type) controls the braking pressure of the free-rotating wheels. transmits and distributes power to the other wheels Improves safety while driving on wet and slippery road surfaces.

Stability Control System (Active Stability Control: ASC) and Traction Control System (TCL) and Hill Start Assist (HSA) to prevent the car from reversing while leaving. body on slope

New suspension,
double wishbone structure at the front The upper beam bracket of the 4-wheel drive model (4WD) and 2-wheel drive lift (2WD High Rider) adjusts the adhesion position higher. To add another 20 millimeters of stroke, the rear suspension is stacked with tweezers. Developed to be lighter than before with larger shock absorbers.

Sharp and narrow turning radius for flexibility driving visibility There is a bonnet design that allows the driver to see the bonnet line.

All New Triton
front design, Dynamic Shield (Dynamic Shield), front grille and wheel arches in three dimensions. The front bumper emphasizes its form and power. LED daytime running lights, three-dimensional front lighting system, wider tailgate, T-shaped LED taillights on both sides, cabin shape and rear spoiler increase aerodynamic wind convection wider side stairs Increase the water drainage efficiency. The car dimensions are 5,320 mm in length, 1,865 mm in width, 1,795 mm in height, 3,130 mm in wheelbase, 222 mm in height from the ground to the bottom, and a fuel tank capacity of 75 liters.

interior design

Cab and control panel Use flat lines and strong shapes. The interior of the cabin is designed with geometric shapes. Use medium quality materials. decorated with soft padding Decorated with chrome in many parts. Highly visible display Infotainment system, 9-inch touch screen, supports wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ™ (9-Inch Touch Display with Navigation System Support Wireless Apple CarPlay / Android Auto), a set of gauges and various control switches Designed to be visible And it’s easy to control, even when wearing gloves: steering wheel, levers and door handles. Designed under the concept of Mitsubishi Touch, the center console panel of the 6-speed automatic and 6-speed manual transmission models has a cup holder that supports 2 large glasses, a storage box that supports 4 600 ml plastic bottles. front storage smartphone compartment And other small storage compartments are wide, easy to use while wearing gloves. The front dashboard and center console have USB-A and USB-C ports for charging different devices. The wireless charger is located at the bottom of the panel. The pickup at the end has a pickup height from the floor. 45 mm lower than the previous model at 820 mm, expanding the area at the top of the rear bumper corner to be larger Frame reinforcement so that you can easily put your feet up and step into the pickup truck

The front seats are designed to support the lower back. while the shoulder area has an open shape for ease of movement. The distance of the seat corresponding to the hip position has been increased. Help adjust the body while driving in a straight position. Entering and exiting the cabin New front pillar design that is more straight Allows you to open the door wider. Increase the space of the stairs on the larger side.

Mitsubishi All New Triton Diamond Sense Safety Technology

– Front collision warning system with forward collision mitigation system: FCM

– Blind Spot Warning (BSW) with Lane Change Assist (LCA)

– Rear cross traffic alert (RCTA)

The new Mitsubishi Triton has been revamped with a new Dynamic Shield grille. We are familiar with the design of the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. Look higher LED Daytime Running Lights for daytime running The bottom is supported by a new fog lamp. With on / off system. Headlights And automatic high / low headlight level to use.

● The side is still a large wheel arch. Featured with new 18-inch alloy wheels with new ladder. The rear has a new tail light and bumper design. Since the tail end of the spoiler. (Or handles in some models), rear lights, LED brake lights, LED Light Guiding and rear bumper.

● However, the red version we see today. The world version of the L200 or silver version will be used in the Mitsubishi market in our home.

Mr. Koichi Miki, Program Director, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

● For 4-wheel drive, Super-Select 4WD II and Easy-Select 4WD are available. Mitsubishi says both the Super-Select 4WD II and the Easy-Select 4WD will be refurbished. To be able to drive better in all conditions. Highlighting is the addition of new modes for off-road use, including Gravel, Mud / Snow, Sand and Rock (4LLc Low-Speed ​​4-Wheel Drive), and Electric Center Differential Lock. Lock the rear axle to allow the engine to send power to the rear wheel to rotate evenly.

● Working in this mode The system controls the power of the engine, the transmission system. Including brake control. And to distribute the torque to the wheel properly. The driver can focus on steering only along the path of the wilderness. In addition, the new Triton suspension will be enhanced with larger disc brakes and larger rear spoilers.

● The Super Select 4WD II offers four drive options, including 2-wheel drive 2H on the road, four-wheel drive 4H on slippery roads such as rain, 4HLC for rugged roads, and 4LLC. For low-speed backcountry routes.

● New security system includes Blind Spot Warning with Lane Change Assist. Forward Collision Mitigation System, Forward Collision Mitigation System Based on radar performance, the Ultrasonic misacceleration Mitigation System temporarily cuts off engine power while accelerating the accelerator pedal. Ultrasonic waves detect the front or back of the vehicle within 4 meters of the vehicle, while the D or R gear is operating at speeds less than 10 km / h to reduce damage caused by collisions.

● Continuously with Rear Cross Traffic Alert, the back of the parking lot, Multi Around Monitor operates through 4 cameras around the vehicle. To process and display Bird’s Eye View through the central screen. Automatic High-Bea Automatic / Automatic, Auto Lighting ON-OFF Auto on / off, when outside lighting is not detected, Hill Start Assist Hill Descent Control, Hill Descent Control

● ABS brakes with EBD and BA and 7 side airbags, side, driver’s knee area. And airbags. Combined with automatic retractable front seat belts.

● Renovated cabin list Paddle shift, multifunction steering wheel, automatic cruise control, rear steering wheel gauge, color display with 3D animation, dashboard Auto dimming rearview mirror, dual zone automatic air conditioning, new front air inlet, new center console, air inlet with rear passenger control , Leather seats, new upholstery, 8-way power adjustable driver and the driver is comfortable with the Intelligent Key with Push Start KOS.

In addition, the console has a 12 volt DC power supply, a USB port on the front console, two USB ports on the console. And Bluetooth connectivity with A2DP

● The Triton is powered by a 2.4-liter DOHC engine with 2.4 liter valve and MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovation Valve Timing Electronic Control) function. Works in line with engine speed. Compressed air with variable turbo charger. Powered by 6-speed automatic transmission with Sport Mode or 6-speed manual transmission, maximum power 181 horsepower at 3,500 rpm, maximum torque 43.8 kg – m 2,500 rpm

● Major subdivisions There will still be 3 big groups. Available in 5 colors: White White Daimond, Sterling Silver, Gray Graphite Gray, Black Jet Black Mica and Orange Sunflare Orange (Single Cab available in 2 colors Solid White White or Silver Sterling Silver)

● For anyone who is waiting for the new Triton factory, there will be additional options such as acrylic panel, insect on the bonnet, eyebrow, side awning, rubber lock, chrome plated parts, Stainless steel ladder cover, smooth rubber mat, rubber floor mat The carpet is made from high quality carpet. Easy to clean

  • Number of seats  5
  • Parking sensors  front and rear
  • Interior design  part leather
  • Tuner/radio
  • Rain sensor
  • On-board computer
  • Electric windows
  • Electric seat adjustment
  • Cruise control
  • Central locking
  • CD player
  • Bluetooth
  • Fog lamp
  • ABS

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